Yava Technologies Inc. has created Yava Silica LLC to pursue its next step in the commercialization of its precipitated silica technology.  Yava Silica is currently completing the engineering and design of a plant that will have a capacity of approximately 40 tonnes per day of precipitated silica and is expected to commence commercial production in early 2022.  The company is currently investigating suitable sites in Canada and the US Midwest.  Based on product samples that have been produced the company has received strong interest from end users for its type of precipitated silica. 

Yava Silica plans to expand by adding additional plants and growing its daily production to 240 tonnes per day or more as it achieves its targeted penetration of the green tire industry. 

  • The adoption of silica in the production of green tires has reduced CO2 emissions by almost 7% and increased vehicle fuel efficiency. This is therefore driving the demand for silica in the tire market.–Tire Technology International (March 2019)