August 12, 2020

To Interested Parties,

The Covid-19 pandemic has not brought Yava’s progress to a halt, but instead provided a pause during which we could refresh ourselves and reflect on how to move forward with our projects under these new conditions. I’m delighted to report that to-date none of Yava’s team members have been infected by the coronavirus. I’m also happy to report that this pandemic has only slowed, not halted our progress:

  • Our research facilities in Sydney, Nova Scotia are back in full operation, adhering to new Covid-19 safety protocols to protect our team members
  • Our silica pilot plant is back in operation, producing product samples for a range of potential customers
  • Design engineering work on our first commercial scale plant continued throughout the Covid-19 shutdown
  • The continuing testing of Yava’s precipitated silica by the leading consultancies for the rubber and plastics industry confirms that Yava’s product can meet or exceed the specifications and performance of currently available products
  • We have launched a marketing effort to introduce Yava as an emerging supplier of high-quality precipitated silica products to customers throughout North America

We’re excited to announce that after conducting an in-depth site selection exercise over the past year, two excellent candidates have been identified. One option is at the industrial park in Bécancour, Quebec, about 100 miles from Montreal on the St. Lawrence Seaway. This site provides many advantages, including expansion options, low cost electricity and convenient rail and highway access. Our other alternative is to build our first plant in northeastern Ohio, directly in the heart of North America’s rubber and plastics industries. This area has an ample supply of skilled workers and access to multiple, low-cost sources of mined silica.

One positive outcome of the experience of this global pandemic and the supply chain disruptions is that many silica customers in North America are now reconsidering their current reliance on product imported from China and other Asian countries. and expressing a desire for more locally produced silica. Yava Silica is ready to help.

Contact us to discuss your needs and how Yava’s environmentally friendly silica can fit your company’s needs!

Best Regards,

Bob Pepper
President and CEO