YTI has developed a unique eco-friendly process to produce High Purity Precipitated Silica

Yava’s mineral recovery work included the development of a process to recover silica from the waste streams of foundries and steel mills. YTI has modified the process to produce high purity precipitated silica directly from a range of low cost feed stocks.

As a result of the successful testing of its technology, YTI has created Yava Silica LLC to develop commercial precipitated silica production facilities incorporating the new process. Yava Silica’s proprietary process meets its mission in two important ways, by producing:

♦ high quality precipitated silica in an environmentally benign way and does not produce any toxic and/or hazardous waste
♦ precipitated silica custom designed for the tire industry which will replace carbon black, a very environmentally intense material

  • Future Market Insights predicts a surge in the demand for silica in the coming years due to growth in the tire materials market, an indirect result of increased tire manufacturing volumes worldwide.–Tire Technology International(March 2019)

Yava Silica — Meeting the growing demand for High Purity Precipitated Silica

Silica Products

Yava Silica’s proprietary technology produces 99%+ pure precipitated silica directly from a variety of abundant low cost feedstocks. The Yava process produces high purity precipitated silica at a lower cost and with no toxic or hazardous by-products.

The company is currently investigating suitable sites in Canada and the US Midwest to build its first commercial scale production facility.

This plant, which will have an initial capacity of 40 tonnes per day of high purity precipitated silica, is expected to commence commercial production in early 2022. The plant is being designed to be expandable to at least 150 tonnes per day. 

Yava Silica plans to add additional plants in the US and Canada as the company achieves its targeted penetration of the green tire industry.

The output of this plant will be marketed to customers in the North American plastics and rubber industries. Yava Silica’s ultimate goal is to be the leading supplier of high purity precipitated silica for the production of the so-called green tires that will drive the automobiles of the future.